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    Need the Best ppt templates?

    Unlike the other posts in this blog that just show one post a day, now we try to post a SEVERAL ppt templates. We have blogged about Powerpoint templates for almost 4 years now, we create some powerpoint templates and searching ppt templates from other powerpoint sites to help you to make the best presentation. Because our ppt templates and templates from other sites seems to mixed up, we decide to make a special post that listed our Top Original ppt templates, that you won’t find in other place. Ok, here is the list of our Original powerpoint templates

    1. Retro Pop Art Powerpoint Templates

    pop art title top Original PPT Templates

    This is our BEST powerpoint templates so far. I personally really like this powerpoint templates and there are lots of reader that become our site loyal reader because of this template.If you need stand out ppt templates, you really need to grab this one!

    Download Pop Art Powerpoint Templates HERE

    2. Retro Chicken Powerpoint Templates

    ayam 1 top Original PPT Templates

    This is my second favorite ppt templates. It’s a presentation made especially for school project for presenting avian influenza topic a loooong time ago (About 6-7 years ago I think). Let’s say this is our best animal related powerpoint templates so far. Each slides are custom made, and this is one of the templates that have the biggest powerpoint background selection to choose.

    Download Retro Chicken Powerpoint Templates HERE

    3. Ichigo Rolling Strawberry Powerpoint Templates

    ichigo 2 top Original PPT Templates

    This is one of the cutest powerpoint templates we have created. It’s made from Katamari Damashi Playstation 2 game’s wallpaper that we love so much. We just edit some element of the background to make the sweetest, cutest, and heart warming powerpoint templates ever. But I don’t recommend to use this templates for business because it’s too “sweet” (or must I say too childish ^^) for business presentation

    Download the Cutest Strawberry Powerpoint templates HERE

    4. Unique and Cute Powerpoint Templates

    main page top Original PPT Templates

    Just like the Strawberry Powerpoint templates mentioned above, this template also made from Katamari Damashi wallpaper. This Powerpoint template is really unique and cute, but also the most complex ppt templates we have produced. In this template, we use hyperlink feature in Microsoft Powerpoint to make clickable links in powerpoint slide. There are HUGE collection of powerpoint bacground in this template (about 7-8 slides) and each slide has their own background image and color. Sounds cool? Then hurry up and download it icon smile top Original PPT Templates

    Download unique and Cute Powerpoint Templates

    5. Robot Mascot Powerpoint Templates

    robot templates 300x225 top Original PPT Templates

    Do you love this website’s design? If you like it, you MUST download this website’s Mascot ppt templates: Robo-T Powerpoint Templates! This ppt include background from our cute website mascot that you WON’T find it anywhere (if you find it on other site, please let us know!) If you need templates related to robot (or robotic themes), technology or cartoon, you can consider to use one of our best ppt template!

    Download Robot Robo-T PPT templates HERE

    6. Woman Silhouette Powerpoint templates

    woman template top Original PPT Templates

    Need templates for woman related issue, but dislike the usual and boring ppt slides? Then you should download our best powerpoint templates in woman design related theme. This powerpoint design include woman silhouette background in retro style – which is rather rare for powerpoint templates. Nuff said, just donwload it if you like on the link below icon wink top Original PPT Templates

    Download Woman silhouette Powerpoint Design HERE

    7. Cute Animal 3D Powerpoint templates

    3d animal 1 top Original PPT Templates

    Need animal related powerpoint themes for your work or your children presentation? Then I highly recommend to download this Cute animal powerpoint templates. There are 7 different background in this powerpoint themes and make a really great ppt template. I remember create this template when I was in the rush to make presentation when I was on my college days. I just grab some pictures through internet and combined them to make a really nice animal powerpoint theme!

    Download Animal powerpoint theme HERE

    8. Anime Powerpoint Templates

    Need Anime related powerpoint templates? Then you should download our Anime girls Powerpoint templates! This template made from Azumanga Daioh wallpaper, a popular anime (Japanese animation) made for girls. I personally love this anime and decide to make powerpoint template for this theme. The background is simple too, you can use it on any presentation you like

    Download Anime Girls Background Design HERE

    9. Children Powerpoint Templates: Taiko No Tatsujin

    slide1 300x225 top Original PPT Templates

    This template is absolutely loveable! I made this from Taiko no Tatsujin game, a popular musical game from Japan for the popular console like Nintendo DS, Play Station 2 and Nintendo Wii. This template will make a great theme for children presentation, espcially if they need cute templates.

    Download Cute Children ppt templates HERE

    10. Orange Fruit Powerpoint Templates

    orange template 2 top Original PPT Templates

    Need something colorful with bright color for your presentation? Then you should consider downloading our Orange powerpoint theme! This theme was made from orange image with orange color and definitely will make your presentation stand out with the touch of soothing color. To download, just click the link below

    Download Orange Fruit Powerpoint templates

    Final thought

    That’s all our favorite ppt templates, if you love this and find our original templates useful, please support us to create even more and better ppt templates by Like us using facebook, tweet us using twitter or +1 us using Google +1 with the button below.



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