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    Jeopardy Template Powerpoint

    Jeopardy powerpoint template Jeopardy Template Powerpoint

    Opening Slides for Jeopardy Powerpoint Presentation

    Seek for a Jeopardy Powerpoint Templates? You found it here (the download link is below) But before you download, you might want to know about the Jeopady first. What is Jeopady and why it’s integrated with Powerpoint? Jeopardy is a famous Quiz and ask the participant about History, Science, Pop Culture and many more. It’s become a really famous games and shown in TV, especially in America.

    In class, the students usually bored with one way presentation. That’s why teacher and lecturer has to be creative and this is why jeopardy powerpoint games born. After give them lecturer slides, we can make interactive presentation using Quiz to make the class more fun! In that site, you will learn how to create your own Jeopady powerpoint presentation using the given templates so the class will be so much fun!!

    This days, students also have assignment to create Jeopardy presentation the school’s subject as the category. Not only interactive, creating the game also stimulate their creativity and improve their deduction thinking. However, creating the game from zero is a bit tiring (I’ve done it, so I know creating Jeopardy template is not that easy). That’s why we’ll help you to cut the time by presenting the coolest Jeopardy Powerpoint template ever!


    This time, I finally completed The Powerpoint Template‘s original Jeopardy Powerpoint Template, yay! This template is preloaded with MORE than 50 slides (Yes, you hear it right!). I must admit creating this powerpoint point is the HARD WORK and this is far the most difficult powerpoint template to make. Because I need to create lot of slides and linked it each other to make it work, just like the real game. So, I really appreciate if you help me share my hard work with +1, Tweet, or like this powerpoint template to your friends. You can share this template to your friends by simply click the Twitter, FB, or Google + link above.

    Jeopardy game template for powerpoint Jeopardy Template Powerpoint

    Main Powerpoint Slides for Jeopardy Game

    Creating Jeopardy in Powerpoint

    Don’t worry! You don’t need to understand technical stuff to create a beautiful and stunning jeopardy games because I have create this template for jeopardy powerpoint quiz. First, just download this Blank Jeopardy Powerpoint template. Even it’s called blank powerpoint template, I create attractive design for each slide. It using a pop art style silhouette (just like my other template, like this woman silhouette powerpoint template) so it’s suitable for teen and pre teen student.

    Download Jeopardy Powerpoint template here

    Jeopardy Powerpoint Games Instruction

    Here is the simple instruction how to use this Jeopardy Powerpoint template

    1. Download the template

    2. Edit the Title if desirable

    3. Edit the Powerpoint template main slide’s categories (The one with the the scoreboard). In this version, I create 5 category and each category have 5 question, just like the original Jeoepardy game

    4. Edit the Question slides, there are 25 slides for question

    blank jeopardy powerpoint slides Jeopardy Template Powerpoint

    Jeopardy Game Question Slides

    5. Edit the Answer slides, there are total 25 slides for answers

    make jeopardy game powerpoint Jeopardy Template Powerpoint

    Answer Slide

    6. Finally, Edit the Final Jeopardy Powerpoint slides! There are two slide for final Jeopardy game, the answer and the question.

    7. DONE! In addition, you can Edit the The “Thank You” page with “Winner” or something for closing statement.

    Jeopardy Powerpoint Games Jeopardy Template Powerpoint












    That’s all! This is my first time creating Jeopardy game in Powerpoint templates. If you love this template, please help us to spread the word about this template. If there are lots of people love our work, we can consider to create another Jeopardy Powerpoint templates, like the Jeopardy template for Preschool, for Christmas, Halloween version, or specific subject about it, like Jeopardy for Math, Chemistry, Algebra – You name it! Please just drop comments in comment box below. If hope you love our Jeopardy Templates for Powerpoint!

    Download Jeopardy Powerpoint Game

    jeopardy Jeopardy Template Powerpoint

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    • abrea

      this isnt anything dumb butts

    • Marcos Luis

      Please send me the jeopardy game for powerpoint

    • Paralegal Instructor

      Awesome job! Thanks so much for creating this, and for offering it for free!

    • Math Teacher

      Thanks it is Great!

    • Beth

      Looks awesome — but I think you are missing a slide in Category 2??????

    • Beth

      Never mind…..I figured it out. I must have deleted a slide w/o realizing it. Using it in class next week!

    • Sarah-bear14

      how do you edit it?

    • Pnt459

      Thank you. This is an awesome template and beautiful set up. It has saved me tons of time and I greatly appreciate it.

    • Bonnie Emett

      Thank you for doing this and sharing with us…..We needed something different for a Christmas work party.

    • 13

      how do you get the links to reset back to blue for the next time you play it ?

    • Anna Chyshcheva

      This is my favorite TV Show. Can I use this template if I have PowerPoint 2013? I need similar templates as here

    • Beyonce

      This is boring