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    Cool Retro Pop Art Powerpoint Templates

    pop art title Cool Retro Pop Art Powerpoint Templates

    This is our first Free powerpoint templates featuring a retro Pop art Picture. There are 2 picture in the template as the powerpoint background. Here is the breakdown of this cool powepoint pop art slides:

    The Title Slides

    The title picture is smoking afro guy Jimi Hendrix in pop art style. In the title, you the title and subtitle are placed diagonally. The title picture are really coloful, so don’t put too many color Text in the title. Oh yeah, this powerpoint templates is in .pot not .ppt. .Pot is the standard Powerpoint template’s format, while ppt is the final format of powerpoint slides. However, you can save as .ppt because many people prefer the ppt format. You can create cool ppt templates with this themes!

    The Content Slides

    The second one is the content slides, still in pop art style but the white color is more dominant, great for insert many text. However, due to pretty large image, this slide only can hold fewer text than the usual templates provided by Microsoft powerpoint. This template is really ideal if you need to present pop culture, music presentation, or any presentation that represent young, free-spirited or musical theme. Even this template only provide 2 slides, I think this is more than enough to create a really beautiful presentation. Just add some great content and I’m sure your presentation will be stand out.

    Updated: This is The Powerpointtemplates’ most favorite Powerpoint templates. Because of this popularity, we decide to edit the content a little bit and republish this article. I hope you love our templates and this slides can be useful for your presentation. If you love our templates, don’t forget to share/like or plus one our templates. This little thanks can encourage us to create MORE original and cool templates that can be used for your next presentation.

    pop art content Cool Retro Pop Art Powerpoint Templates

    Download Retro Pop Art Free PowerPoint Template Now!!

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    • nadia


    • nadia

      hey what up what are you doing???

    • Pop Art Prints

      I love it, not sure what site I would put it on though

    • Chloe Beth

      Heyy,,lovee yuur webbsitee lol
      Writee back

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    • admin

      Dear all,
      Many thanks for all the comments! I glad that you love this website and love our original powerpoint templates!

    • Juana Maria De Los Escobedos

      zta chido gueyy..

    • iuchy

      thx a bunch for your creative design!

    • Ranee

      thanks for sharing
      that’s BRILLIANT :)

    • Anna

      I love pop art and I love the 60′S!!!!!!!
      The beatles rock

    • Anna




    • lorelm

      ha thats cool

    • MJ

      complicate but cool!!!


      Dis forchizzle cool man


      forchizzle my chizzle cool.
      peace dawg

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      forchizzle my chizzle cool dawg

    • Diana

      if you are looking for free powerpoint templates and backgrounds check this page

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      hey na na na na hey hey na na

    • Vicky

      just awsome!!!!!!!! thx XD

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    • asep

      bagguuusssssssss lucu

    • Nikita

      Hey nice work.. loved it!

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    • maira

      very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy nice pics

    • wilcha


    • kelly

      this is really very very very coolllllll

    • Robby

      dude, its not “smoking afro guy” is Jimi fucking Hendrix!

    • Sara


    • Trubsellis

      ma na ma na do do do do do ma na ma na do do do do !

    • Amangat12

      i like you style

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    • Anti_66

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      ang garaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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      how do i do it?

    • Dana

      Very bright pop art template.
      Find more designs:

    • Kaukas Batas

      There are plenty of resources where you can download PowerPoint Templates, but the best free website I have found is

      It really saved my time as there are lots of free pre-made templates.